What Are the Top Jobs Small Businesses Hire Most?

Top Jobs Small Businesses Hire Most

Recently, Indeed data showed where small businesses are most actively hiring new employees.

That data showed the hottest small business job markets weren’t in big cities, but in the smaller areas just outside metropolitan areas and cities where industries are thriving — like Silicon Valley.

Now, Indeed is digging a little deeper into that data and presenting what jobs are hottest in those thriving small business markets. And based on the information, the jobs that small businesses are hiring for are in line with their surrounding metropolitan areas, especially the technology hubs.

You can see, based on the chart above, in places that are tech hubs — Palo Alto, California, and Redmond, Washington — how jobs are more in line with those industries. Apps and systems engineers are two jobs in demand at both locations.

But in places like Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, more of a government hub, small businesses are generally looking for ubiquitous positions like truck drivers, registered nurses, and customer service representatives.

In tourist areas like Naples and Sarasota, Florida, small businesses tend to be looking for retail-oriented applicants most.

Customer Service Leads Top Jobs Small Businesses Hire Most

“When you think about tech jobs, you typically think of big companies like Apple or Google,” said Daniel Culbertson, economic research analyst at Indeed. “However, small businesses setting up near tech hubs could be providing vendor services to larger companies and are in need of similar talent.”

Looking at the information above, customer service jobs are among the three most in-demand positions in 7 of the 10 hottest small business hiring cities.

And it seems no matter where small businesses are hiring, across all industries, there are some jobs that are always in high demand. Indeed’s information shows that in 4 of the 10 cities to make its list, registered nurses and truck drivers were in high demand.

The problem, Culbertson says, is that small businesses are having a hard time finding people for these jobs. There are bigger companies hiring these same positions, too.

“Companies of all sizes are looking for these positions, which can make it hard for a small business to compete when the demand is so high,” he said.

“Florida is a service economy, catering to tourism and retirees, so it makes sense that retail jobs are in demand by small businesses,” added Culbertson.

Indeed contributed to this report. Image: Indeed

This article, “What Are the Top Jobs Small Businesses Hire Most?” was first published on Small Business Trends

from Brent Lecompte Blog http://brentlecompte.blogspot.com/2016/05/what-are-top-jobs-small-businesses-hire.html


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