Ice Cream Month Gives Businesses Unique Promotional Opportunities (Watch)

There’s National Trivia Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and even Beer Can Appreciation Day. So it shouldn’t come as any great surprise that there’s a day (and a whole month) to celebrate ice cream.

But National Ice Cream Day, which took place over the weekend, and the rest of National Ice Cream Month, is about more than just celebrating a silly holiday. Ice cream actually has a lengthy and interesting history that has a strong connection to some of America’s most beloved leaders. The frozen treat was a favorite of President Ronald Reagan, who declared the holiday and was a favorite in America as early as the 1700s.

Ice Cream Month and Your Small Business

For businesses, holidays like National Ice Cream Day can offer unique opportunities for promotions. That doesn’t mean that you have to create promotions for every single holiday that comes around. But for those that are applicable to your business, special holidays give you an opportunity to really bring some new people through the door.

And since there are so many different holidays that cover so many different topics, calling attention to the history or importance of one in particular can potentially give your promotion even more value. So for the rest of National Ice Cream Month, ice cream parlors and similar businesses could host events or offer special menu items highlighting the history and importance of ice cream. That’s a lot better than just sending out a “Happy Ice Cream Month” tweet or email!

Ice Cream Photo via Shutterstock

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