What Can Your Business Learn from the 2016 Australian Olympic Team? (Watch)

The 2016 Rio Olympics haven’t even officially begun yet. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled for this Friday. But the Australian team has already had to wade its way through several obstacles just to get to the start of the games.

The latest incident involves the country’s women’s water polo team. The entire team has had to be quarantined due to a gastrointestinal illness they all contracted on their way to Rio. The team was previously training in Rome, and also had to deal with a 13-hour delay on the journey to the Olympic Village in Rio.

Other members of the Australian team have had to deal with unfit room conditions at the Olympic Village. And some were even robbed during a fire evacuation at their hotel. All of these issues, while serious, aren’t expected to have any major impact on the country’s quest for medals. And that’s where the business lesson comes in.

You Need to Overcome Obstacles to Achieve Success

Your business, much like the Australian Olympic team, has a goal in mind. And your business, again like those Olympians, is going to face plenty of obstacles along the way. You might need to take major precautions to protect your assets (though hopefully none involving quarantines), and you might experience setbacks. But the goal should remain the same. And your work toward that goal shouldn’t be thwarted by just a couple of unexpected issues along the way.

Team Australia Photo via Shutterstock

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