Why Is Hulu Getting Rid of Its Free TV Shows? (Watch)

Hulu is getting rid of the free streaming TV episodes that made it famous. For years now, the company has been moving toward a more subscription-based model, offering several different tiers for viewers to choose from. But it still offered those last five episodes from select shows for free — until now.

The free episodes weren’t exactly prominently placed on Hulu’s site or apps. And not many of Hulu’s customers were watching them anymore, especially since they are often available for free on network websites.

Hulu could have chosen to keep offering those free episodes as an option, just to appeal to a slightly wider customer base. But the company said that they didn’t really fit with Hulu’s content strategy going forward.

If Hulu wants to compete with more popular streaming services like Netflix, it needs more subscribers who are actually going to stick around — not just people who visit the website to watch a free episode every now and then. So in that way, getting rid of options could actually be a good thing.

The Value of Adjusting Your Product Offering

There’s no need to keep an offer even if customers no longer care. If you want to focus on one specific type of product, then focus on that and make it the best offering you can. Don’t stick with outdated and unpopular offerings just because they’ve been around for a long time.

Image: Hulu

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