Business Pitch Falling Flat? Develop One Perfect Pitch a Story at a Time

Business Pitch Falling Flat? Develop One Perfect Pitch a Story at a TimeYou have an incredible business idea that you want to launch to the world. You crunch the numbers, create your graphs and charts, and polish your speaking voice.

Then, you deliver, but you can feel it. You aren’t “connecting” with the people there. They are listening to your words and responding, but they aren’t getting “it”.

That’s when you need to turn to One Perfect Pitch: How to Sell Your Idea, Your Product, Your Business — or Yourself. This book taps into storytelling’s power to influence everything we do in life.

What One Perfect Pitch is About

Most advice about giving business pitches or presentations focuses on the small details. These books focus on how many slides to create or what font size will get the most views. They focus on fancy data-filled infographics that highlight numbers in amazing ways.

The problem is that these details don’t focus on the core issue. Your potential investors don’t connect with a presentation font or care if you have 10 or 20 slides.

They connect with the story you tell.

The story that your potential investor wants to hear involves three basic elements: problem, solution, and your journey from problem to solution.

These basic elements can be remixed in all kinds of ways and this remix of the “basic elements” of storytelling is the focus of the book. To be specific, the book outlines a formal framework (“One Pitch Method”) for creating a more powerful story. Using the vast array of modern tools that businesses have at their disposal (social media, email, video, audio, etc.) and the “One Pitch Method”, the book suggests business pitches and any other communication where you need to persuade can go from data-filled to story-fueled and effective.

Author Marie Perruchet is a content strategist, and former pitch coach and international journalist. Outside of assisting businesses, she has basic proficiency in five languages, gained a blue belt in Krav Maja and won a badminton champion in France.

What Was Best About One Perfect Pitch?

One Perfect Pitch makes excellent use of the author’s experience in social media, journalism and content marketing. It appears in the unique angles that the book offers and the various approaches (i.e., how to pitch by email, or how to tweak a tiny element of a presentation to make a meaningful impact on a presentation) that most readers probably wouldn’t consider.

What Could Have Been Done Differently?

The book places just about all of its focus on business pitches for startups, although many of the implications can be applied to any business. Those implications could be helpful to many other business owners besides just those working on a startup. In other words, the book could provide more examples of businesses in a variety of stages in different situations. One example might be a company that is in the midst of downsizing. The book explores this concept in crafting the story, but it doesn’t give an example of how the final results look.

Why Read One Perfect Pitch?

If you are creating business pitches (especially as a startup), but don’t feel like you’re getting your point across, One Perfect Pitch is a book you should consider as you review that presentation. The book guides readers on specific areas to check in the delivery of their message that they may not have considered.

In short, if your “business pitch” is falling flat, this book is something you want to consider to help you determine if you’ve addressed the vital points.

This article, “Business Pitch Falling Flat? Develop One Perfect Pitch a Story at a Time” was first published on Small Business Trends

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