New Research Says Houseplants Can Make Businesses Safer (Watch)

Your business might soon be adding indoor plants to the list of necessary safety equipment needed around the office. New research presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society found that some common houseplants can absorb volatile organic compounds, which are potentially harmful materials found in things like paint, furniture, dry cleaning and even nail polish remover.

Researchers now want to take plants that clean the air into nail salons for further testing. So it seems possible that some of the plants tested could someday replace the expensive ventilation equipment that nail salons and similar businesses currently have to use.

The Big Benefit of Plants that Clean the Air

Of course, not all businesses necessarily have issues with these harmful chemicals. But nail salons, dry cleaners, furniture makers or painters could potentially cut costs and increase the health and productivity of employees by simply adding some plants into the working environment.

And even businesses that don’t have as much to worry about when it comes to volatile organic compounds can learn something from this new research. The scientific community is constantly finding new uses for everyday items. So if you pay enough attention to the findings, you could potentially learn about ways to make your business more efficient, profitable and even safer.

Featured Image: Newsy

This article, “New Research Says Houseplants Can Make Businesses Safer (Watch)” was first published on Small Business Trends

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